Premium NG Decor Modern White Sideboard Oval

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium Decor Modern White Sideboard Oval

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium Decor Modern White Sideboard Oval

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium Home Theodore Green Sideboard With 6 Drawer

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium Modern White Sideboard Oval

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium Modern White Sideboard With 5 Drawer

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium Sideboard Gold Iron Sideboard with Glass Doors

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
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Premium Side Board Living Room

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Shop Sideboard Cabinet Online At Best Prices in Jaipur, India

The sideboard and cabinet come out in different designs and ranges. All of them have different structures and usage and can be used anywhere you want. The need for the sideboard cabinet can be relied on at home or can be carried to the office also. Shopping with Silverlake Premium will help you get the best-designed sideboard for the living room, one can also avail of the different types of fixtures with us like the TV Cabinet, sofa sets, kids room etc.
It can also be designed according to the requirements of the buyers from traditional touch to modern concept, we have all that we deal in. The furniture can be used in different forms and is the best place to get it highlighted by the viewers. The furniture market Jaipur carries all the equipment eventually.

Discover From the Range Of Cabinet And Sideboard For Your Home

Crockery Cabinet

This modern sideboard is a great piece to delve into your expensive crockery designs. The glass items when placed on it, double the value of the furniture. Also, available in 6 drawer sideboard cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet

The use of kitchen cabinets is a must, and in India where households carry lots of kitchen items the side cabinet is the best option. This area acquires lots of items in it, one can easily store their utensils or the tableware, or any kind of needs according to them. However, the kitchen area usually opts for wooden storage cabinets and sideboards.

Book Cabinet

The book cabinets are usually formed with shelves or drawers designed, to showcase the collection of books. These types of cabinets can also be called side storage cabinet, and people who love reading books have a good sight at the cabinet designs.

Shoe Cabinet

The sideboard cabinet designs are also available for the shoe holders. This is also structured with the help of drawers to place out the shoes.

Tips For Arranging And Organizing Your Sideboard And Cabinet

Arranging and organizing your modern sideboard cabinet in the right place is very crucial, as most of the time it can lower down the beauty of the fixtures.

Dining Room Sideboard Cabinet

In the dining room section we need wooden cabinets to help to store the crockery or some eatables. Most people even like to keep the dining table sets under it so that it is easy to use.

Living Room Sideboard Cabinet

The sideboard cabinet for living room can be utilized with different aspects. It can be used to store daily use items like keys, watches, remotes, chargers, etc; along with placing some decorative pieces or small-sized plants, as this makes the area eye-catching.

Hallway Sideboard Cabinet

Hallway cabinets are mainly designed to cover up the broad area of the hall space and can be used for regular purposes and can store keys, locks, etc; the basic daily used essentials. The furniture shop Jaipur has all the following criteria.

Bedroom Sideboard Cabinet

The usage of bedroom sideboards and cabinets is of significant use as they help to store the quilts and the pillow easily and free the outer space, which thereby helps the outer area to look clean and tidy.

What Factors Do You Keep In Mind When Buying Sideboards Online?


When purchasing a fixture on an online basis, it is very important to check the size of the item according to the space where the item is to be held. Size does play a major role and can enhance the area according to it, whether it is to be placed in the dining room, living area, bedroom, etc all the surroundings must be checked before making a purchase.


There are lots of materials available, but choosing the material is always up to the customer's choice. Usually, people opt for materials that are easy to take care of and which does not require high maintenance, as it becomes difficult to maintain this kind of furniture for daily usage. The usage of wooden sideboard cabinets is a must in this kind of fixture and later on, different types of tops are added to it.


One must always choose furniture that provides versatility as it is easy to fit any corner or interior the buyers hold. The realm of the furniture is always according to the surroundings and its purpose to use it.


Buying sideboards online comes in various forms and styles, interested buyers can easily choose from among the varieties available to them with variations in pricing too. The designs of the fixtures are available in numerous styles and concepts and at Silverlake Premium one will get the latest trendy design that too with the best materials used.


With us, you will get minimal pricing along with the best options like the 5 drawer sideboard cabinet which is prevailed with different price ranges. The cost of the item rises from small to medium and then big. Different layouts carry different pricing under them.

Various Styles of Storage Cabinets And Sideboards

With Silverlake Premium, you'll get various styles of storage cabinets and sideboards, which help keep the outer area free from space-saving and also help out in keeping the storage products clean and tidy.
We provide 4 types of storage sideboard designs to our users which are made of drawers or door style designs.

2 Drawer Sideboard Cabinet

The 2-drawer cabinets are designed as small cabinets which need not require bigger sections into it. These types of designs usually seek sophistication and simple looks.

2 or 4 Door Sideboard Cabinet

Cabinet with the door options usually is a touch of the classic traditional concept. This door option helps the user to store some bigger belongings easily. These types of cabinet designs can also go adjacent to the corner table.

4 Drawer Sideboard Cabinet

This wooden storage sideboard carries 4 drawer options and is mostly used in the living room or the dining area. it carries out bigger options to store out the essentials easily and also be used for keeping crockery or other eatable needs in the kitchen area. These types of fixtures are easy to use and clean.

5 Drawer Sideboard Cabinet

5 drawer sideboard cabinets are designed for the bigger space sphere. This sideboard and cabinets are huge and attract the view of the surroundings too. One can design it the way they want and keep the belonging that will be easily highlighted.

6 Drawer Sideboard Cabinet

The 6-drawer concept is usually designed upon customization. If the buyers ask for more drawers or door options then we design this type of foldable options.

Perks Of Designing Out A Sideboard In Your Home

Designing out your interior concerning adapting the sideboard cabinets can be the best and most durable option as it helps to cover a section and grab the view of the respective. And if you are purchasing it from the Silverlake Premium then you get the best concepts and designs.
  • It helps out in covering the space that seems to be vacant and must be used. The optimization of the space with the help of a sideboard cabinet is the best choice and idea one can adopt in their home.
  • The wood texture of the sideboard cabinet adds a versatility touch and it can be placed at any place of the house, as its versatility will prevail with every interior.
  • The sideboard cabinet if placed in the living room area, can help out in embedding the viewpoint. One can design the living room sideboard the way they want, which thereby will pull out the interests of the other viewers too.
  • Even if one is thinking of designing a BNB room or is dealing with the purchase options then it is best to fix the sideboard or the cabinet furniture to that area which thereby helps out in covering the space along with decorating the area for a more sophisticated look and choice.
  • If your cabinet is designed with the help of storage options then it is also a great option to place it out as it helps in keeping the outer area free from small essentials and also helps the storage items from dust particles.

What Makes Silverlake Premium Unique To Choose a Modern Sideboard Cabinet?

Silverlake Premium comes out with ultimate options and prices, the inbuilt craftsmen make sure that the fixture they design saturates the customer's expectations and their satisfaction. Here, we have all that you want. Be it for home or office uses, we deliver out all in best. The realm of one's interior is summoned by the furniture the individual uses. From classic traditional style to the current modern touch all we have with us. No clients are left just like this, we attract out the purchasers in every possible way. The furniture for living room designed by our manufacturers is different and unique, it comes with different drawers and doors it.
Making a deal with Silverlake Premium will never disappoint you. We supply the furniture with full safety and precautions. One can visit our website and also can walk into our outlet which is situated in Jaipur at C-scheme. The interested ones can also call and enquire about their doubts or any other related answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the need for a sideboard cabinet?

The need for a sideboard cabinet is for multipurpose use. One can use it the way they want and also can place it with the help of other fixtures to enhance its beauty. Mainly it is used for keeping out the essentials in the storage options they hold and their designs help the area to look more fascinating.

Can one design the sideboard furniture according to them?

Yes, at Silverlake Premium one can customize their type of furniture in accordance to what they want and desire. There are options available at Silverlake Premium regarding the sideboard cabinet designs which are available according to the sizes and also with options like drawers or shelves.

Can the sideboard cabinet be defined other than the dining room storage?

Yes, the sideboard cabinets are now designed for the other areas too. Like the dining room storage options, this type of decors is also available for the living area, bedroom area, and kitchen section.

How can you differentiate the sideboard and the cabinet?

The sideboard is a type of furniture which is used as a versatile piece of furniture. This kind of interior can be used in different areas like by the bed, or with coffee tables, etc. Whereas, the cabinets are used for storing essentials. This kind of furniture is usually placed towards the wall sections only.

How to care for your cabinet piece?

There is a very simple process to get your cabinet piece clean, one needs to just follow the regular cleaning procedure to free it from dust particles that too with a soft and clean cloth, and if the areas are spilled with regards to some liquid or other thing then one is required to clean it with a wet cloth.

What do you store in a sideboard?

Depends on the individual and the area where it is kept. Mainly one is required to keep decorative items and daily belongings in it. it is thereby available in different forms like drawers, shelves, doors, etc options.