Premium Dining Set Cushioned Chairs and Golden Frame Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
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Premium Dining Set Cushioned Chairs and Marble Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
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Premium Dining Set Cushioned Chairs and Marble Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
Booking Available

Premium Round Tempered Golden Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
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Premium Round Tempered Dining Set and Golden Frame Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
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Premium Brown Marble Dining Set and Golden Frame Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
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Premium Black Marble Dining Set and Golden Frame Dining Table

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
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Premium Black Marble Dining Set

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Premium White Marble Dining Set

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Premium Marble Dining Set

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
Booking Available

Premium Marble Dining Set

₹324,854.00  389,824.80
Booking Available

Purchase a Dining Table Set Online at the Best-Prevailing Price in India.

The dining set plays a significant role in every house, all householders design the interior of the house up to their expectations and believe in designing the dining room furniture accordingly which suits the interior. This piece of furniture is a sign of welcome, it connects the members of the house whether it be for meal purposes or say for gathering purposes.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Coffee Tables Online

The furniture gets the entire members of the family or a group of friends together to spend some quality time and have conversations. As we all know, everyone is busy in their daily life and barely gets time to sit with their own family, this dining set manages to emerge the bond between the members.
Buying the best dining table sets online is always a good idea, as it renders several options. The market is working digitally and the concept behind this is it provides new concepts and ideas, searching for furniture like coffee tables, sofas, TV Unit and many more on an online basis will get you now more designs and samples along with the reference to its price. So, purchasing furniture on an online basis is always a good idea.

Why Opt For A Dining Table Set?

A dining table is what everyone desires in having it one. Every dining area should hold the dining table set to enjoy their meal as its first preference and after that, its usage can be according to the person who is holding it out. This place is something where people can spend quality time with family and friends. The use of this initial furniture can be of vast purpose at many times like one can call out their knowns for a dinner party as they have the space to organize it, apart from that can host a kitty party session over the area, etc. So, the use of the dining table sets is many and one can use it in many other ways depending on the situation. When placed on the kitchen side it is also easy for individuals to store the initials easily without taking much pressure, and one can also design it with a glass or marble top which enhances the value of the dining table to the more, whereby showcasing a luxury touch to the pieces of furniture.
At, Silverlake Premium you will find different types of dining sets along with variances in them like small or big depending on the area where it is about to be placed. Here, one will also find different seaters like 2-seater, 4-seater, and 6-seater according to the needs of the clients. One can look for the types of wood we have used along with the chairs in which we have used different fabrics. However, we do help out our clients in opting for different items too like different dining tables with different chairs, whichsoever the buyers like to opt. In short, the one who is purchasing the dining table set from us will never regret it as we deliver the best quality to the fine manufacturers who hold the capacity to get it done without facing any opulence.

Concept to Deal with Dining Room Furniture Set for Your Home

When the topic is to deal with the furniture set, it is vital to focus on some areas that should be highly focussed.

Dealing with the shape

This is the very first and basic point before purchasing any piece of furniture, that is because every shape of the dining table set is different and must fit the surroundings of the area. There are many shapes available like the rectangle, square, oval, circle, etc. Also, the buyers can customize the design the way they want from Silverlake Premium.

Preferability of the size

The dining room furniture is always purchased after reviewing the size of the area where the object is to be placed. Nowadays, the set of dining tables is available in many sizes like as a 4-seater dining set, a 6-seater dining table set, or the 8-seater dining table design. Buyers can purchase it according to the members of the family.


The concept of augmentation is high on purchase, the basic idea behind this logic is to make the area look free in space. Foldable patterns can be easily shifted also is used according to the need and are the most trending modern dining table structure.

Traditional concept

The realm of the dining set is based on older concepts but now it is designed with a touch of modernization. The mixture resolves new ideas prevailing sophistication of comfort and luxury in the minds of the purchasers.

Materials Implemented

While selecting the furniture piece, materials should be highly kept in mind. The materials mainly used to design the dining sets are marble, stone dining table, metal, and wood dining table sets.

Modern Dining Room Interior Pieces Collection

Shopping at Silverlake Premium Furniture is never a dull moment, as we deal in all the types of furniture that are required in one's house. Our furniture designs are totally different showcasing a sense of belongingness. The updated site of our dining room furniture online set under the section of kitchen and Dining is truly amazing. It sets the following two parts:

Dining Tables

This centerpiece of furniture is not just a tangible object but is also a product that helps the family members to sit and get connected to each other, it sets an image for the individuals where they can have gatherings and stay in touch. The best part of our furniture is its flexibility and comfort. We customize our dining sets in the form of 2-seater dining table sets up to 8-seater dining table sets, with different tops. Our tables are designed with the help of glass, marble, and wood and also is made up of a 4-seater dining table and a 6-seater dining table set. Our craftsmen also assemble it according to the client's guidance.

Dining Chairs

We deal in designing single pieces of dining chairs for our customers while customizing them in different ways. Our kitchen area is incomplete without dining chairs. We at Silverlake Premium provide various designs of dining chairs for dining room furniture like Italian Leather chairs, Velvet Flannel Dining chairs, and Italian Fabric dining sets. This iconic style of dining chairs looks elegant and matches the interior of the house.

Tips To Clean And Maintain Your Dining Table Set

There exist several pieces of advice that are necessary to be carried forward to maintain the dining table set so that it lasts longer and stains its durability.

Regular Cleaning

It is essential to clean the dining table sets regularly as it helps to maintain the longevity of the fixture along with helping it stay away from dust particles and so on.

Using Protectors

Covering your dining sets with the help of protectors is the best idea, as it helps prevent scratches or direct heat appliances.

Applying Table Pads

Ensure to use the table pads while using the table sets for the other purposes like sketching or designing, etc as this all can damage the decor.

Protecting From Sunlight

Prevent your furniture from direct sunlight as it can dull or fade the items and make the furniture look old.

Embrace The Different Styles Of Dining Table For Home

Glass Dining Table

The dining table for home when designed with glass on top reveals the elegance and sophistication of the interior of the house, We, at Silverlake Premium deal with the best glass dining table sets with a touch of wood in it. When combined with the mixture it showcases an elegant piece of furniture.

Wooden Dining Table

Wooden designs are a traditional piece of concept that eventually is active in today's era too. This form of idea is evergreen and is always modified in the best form of ideas. Its classic elegance is its top-notch area.

Marble Dining Table

A marble-layered dining table is a stunning piece of furniture; its elegance is vow and touches a glamour when placed in the dining room. It is also transformed with the help of wood or metal.

Metal Dining Table

The metal dining table designs look aesthetic and mind-blowing; the occurrence of this material is unique in designs and shows a stylish touch to your area. This sort of piece is not only for your indoor purposes but also is made for the outdoors properly.

Why Choose Dining Room Furniture Online at Silverlake Premium?

Silverlake Premium provides numerous designs and concepts of furniture to their buyers and believes that their manufacturers design the best layout which by look pays attention. We, do provide the customization option to our clients as we believe that every piece of the dining set should be unique. One can easily land on our website search for their needs and are able to place the order or visit the Jaipur Furniture Shop which is located in Jaipur at C-Scheme also known as the best-delivered dining table Jaipur. With us purchasing a piece of furniture is not difficult as we deal with minimal pricing factors and with the best service to our customers. In short, Silverlake Premium deals with the best-prevailing dining table in Jaipur. Also, the concept of a marble-top dining table is known as the centerpiece of the room.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it essential to check the material of the dining furniture while purchasing?

Yes, it is vital to consider the material of the dining furniture this is to because furniture is a long-term investment in one's life and one believes in choosing the material that shows longevity and is not damaged easily. It is advisable to opt for the movable furniture.

Which concept of wood is best to furnish the dining table set in India?

The wooden concept of the dining table price in Jaipur is highly recommended to be furnished, as it can be easily manufactured with different designs and can easily be mixed with other sorts of materials too.

Which sort of material is best for designing a dining table?

The dining table near me is mainly crafted with materials like wood, glass, marble, metal, etc. But the best sort of material comes under the wood. This is because it is easy to manage and can be used daily wherein, the one's used for glass and marble top dining table require maintenance and to use it regularly is not recommended.

Is a round dining table better or a rectangular one?

Its actual answer is based on the size of the area where the furniture is to be placed. If the centre area is spacious enough then fortunately the rectangular shape will be best fitted, whereas if the surrounding is occupied then the round dining would be a great option.

Is there any option available for space-saving dining solutions?

Yes, the concept of foldable furniture is available and is best used for space-saving dining solutions. At Silverlake Premium the dining room furniture online does customize this form of furniture.

Which sort of dining set is better- the wooden or the glass top?

Both the concepts of dining sets are best at their sides, where the wooden dining table sets require less maintenance and can be easily shifted anywhere wherein, the handling of the glass-top is tough and looks for proper maintenance. But the glass-top dining sets do provide luxury to the area and also reflect the person who owns it.