Premium Gold Round Coffee Table

₹32,568.00  39,081.60

Premium Golden Marble Console Table

₹37,760.00  45,312.00

Premium Moulded Foam Pumpkin

₹16,520.00  19,824.00

Premium Round White Marble Side Table

₹37,760.00  45,312.00

Premium Gold Metal Glass Center Table

₹29,500.00  35,400.00

Premium Gold Metal Wine Cabinet

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Premium Gold Metal Angle Table

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Premium Gold Metal Bookshelf

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Premium Flower Stand Living Room

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Premium Flower Stand Living Room

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Premium Negotiation Table Living Room

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Premium Negotiation Table Living Room

₹8,024.00  9,628.80
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Living Room Furniture- An Essential Selection For The Realm

Looking for the best furniture for the living room area is an important task to deal with as there are several options available in the market and to choose one from all is not easy. As we all know with the help of this furniture the interior of our house is doubled. The Living room furniture design plays a significant role for the person who owns it. When we talk about the piece of furniture it shows how belongingness it provides to the households. To purchasing furniture the first thing that is focussed on is its comfort and its conveyance. At, Silverlake Premium we provide the best modern living room furniture at reasonable prices with the best durability of the fixtures, also is also available online and has an offline store in Jaipur. Our company is also known as the best furniture shop Jaipur.

Pick The Newly Touched Furniture For Living Room According To Your Concepts.

Choosing a furniture is hard and requires new ideas. Whether the furniture purchased is for a small area or the major ones, it should be chosen accordingly. Nowadays, people prefer to place the room furniture which by look goes with the interior of the house. Our craftsmen design the piece of furniture according to the buyer's needs, as customization is what everyone prefers these days. With the help of the furniture, the living room decor is doubled and enhanced. We, the Silverlake Premium deal with luxury products all over India and help our clients to design their views and ideas for their furniture and ensure the quality of the material. Our fixtures are a true joining hands to buy living room furniture online and one can easily check and get verified by our prevailing website.

Furnish Your Interior With Our Wide Piece Of Living Room Online Home Decor

Furnishing the house with the help of fixtures is always a choosing point. One needs to purchase Silverlake Premium and get the best use of its furniture without fail. We deal in all types of furniture a house needs and make sure that we provide contemporary living room furniture designs to our buyers.
The types of furniture carried out by us are something that will eventually fit every corner of your house. The type of furniture it deals with are as follows:

Coffee tables

Coffee tables piece in demand as this is the centrepiece of your living area. This sort of furniture is designed so that one can relax and enjoy a cup of tea at the end of the day, this piece is designed with the help of wood, and glass, and is also designed in different shapes. This piece of fixture is structured for home purposes as well as for office use. Coffee table delivers the best drawing room furniture.

Entrance Tables

The Interior of the house must always be to the point and Silverlake Premium designs of the entrance table speak a lot about it. The entrance tables are set so that they show a class of sophistication to the people who visit, it is essential to showcase a piece of furniture the entrance table looks royal and if placed with an antique piece on it, it doubles the value of the furniture.

Corner Tables

Corner Tables are usually set aside on the sofa or the bed mainly, with the help of this furniture the value of the other furniture also rises. The value of this piece is very high because it is designed and manufactured up to that level, they are best suited to the living room sofa and adds elegance to the surroundings.

Leisure Chair

This sort of furniture is adapted only for comfort. The leisure chair is a royal comfortable chair and is unique with its designs and shapes. The plus point is it can be placed at any corner and is well equipped by any piece of furniture in and around.

TV Cabinet

TV units fall mainly under the area of the living room; this area covers the entertainment zone for every size group. You'll get to see numerous wall-mounted designs and can also customize it the way you want with Silverlake Premium or can even buy living room furniture online from us.

Cabinet and Sideboard

Cabinets and Sideboards are placed designed to frame some sort of artificials in it, this sort of furniture shows elegance when placed. It is designed with in-built storage options. And is mainly known as wooden living room furniture.


A mandatory piece of furniture for every household. This piece is picked according to the area where it is to be placed. The sofa is a mandatory piece of furniture for living room and fits the living area always.

How Can You Choose Out The Living Room Furniture Designs?

At, Silverlake Premium you will get different types of living room furniture designs be it of any type or era we have all that the customer wants without any fail.

Modern Living Room Furniture

To interior out your living area with the help of modernization is always a plus leading point as it helps to design your sphere with new concepts and make the area look space-saving and overwhelmed. The idea behind supporting the fixtures is best prevailed by the Silverlake Premium manufacturers who are seasoned in drawing out all the trendy and new designs which are unique and can't be found easily. Nowadays, people opt more for glass-top or marble-top fixtures; as this type of fixture shows elegance and luxury.

Traditional Living Room Furniture

Apart from the modern concepts here one will find out the traditional concept furniture too. Many people like to adopt the old wooden concept, as this type of furniture shows longevity and is easy to manage by the households. The wooden-crafted furniture is easy to carry and one doesn't require much effort to keep it clean some types of fixtures are also available in the foldable options which can be folded and kept aside when not in use. This thereby also helps to keep the area free and clean.

Contemporary Living Room Furniture

The contemporary designs are enhanced with different designs, patterns, or textures in the living area where the furniture is about to be placed. To decorate the items with other decors one can indulge different types of products on it which can be eye-catching and delve into sophistication too. One can address their living area the way they want with featured trending designs or concepts, the living area can be interior with the help of the L-shaped sofa sets, sideboards, corner tables, etc with the help of. Here, we have the best craftsmen who are experts in dealing with the designs and the concepts along with the customization option. Now, one can desire out their type of furniture with us.

Stylish Living Room Furniture

People now have started using furniture that shows adequacy and realm. The interior of the furniture can prevail over the identification of the person who is opting it out in their house. At, Silverlake Premium we have all that you want and desire. The stylish fixtures along with the other decors adjoined can double up the value of each other and if indulged with the showpieces or any such types it drives out attention. The interested buyer can also look for the kids room furniture to endure a stylish living room fixture.

Areas To Be Considered While Purchasing Living Room Furniture Online

Before placing the order, there are areas where one needs to focus while purchasing the furniture for living room, these points should be highly kept in mind.


While making a purchase, the budget should be highly kept in mind. When we look around the furniture be it a store visit or online view, we get to see several options which range different in prices. So, it is essential to set a price range no matter how much you like the other piece of furniture too. Also, one must make a move to the other holders too, as there arise differences in pricing policy.

Materials implemented

Furniture is for daily use purpose and we must always go for the products that deal with comfort and longevity, as we know this sort of furniture is are long-term investment in one's life.

Design of the Fixture

Always choose the design according to your interior. The realm of the house is affected by the piece of furniture we place. So, it is necessary to implement the furniture designs according to your decorum.


Furniture comes in different sizes, every item it holds has a different size and also can be customized, therefore, before making any purchase the size must be kept in mind first. You can also check the size of the living room furniture online.

Ideas To Design Your Living Room With Designer Fixture

You can always walk up to the designers and get the idea and knowledge on how to design your living area to its best with the help of our furniture. No matter if the area is wide or small, you can always get it designed. As we all know there are several designs prevailing in the market day by day.
Different areas of your corner can be placed with different styles of objects. Your Living area can be designed with the help of a sofa at one side of the corner and also with the help of side tables, which are again a new concept and go with each other. The dining area can be designed with the help of the dining tables or the dining chairs which is again mandatory for a household to have.
The side wall of your house can be covered with TV Cabinets according to the area the wall has. However, you can decorate every corner of your house with the help of Silverlake Premium as we provide all the types of furniture one desires to have as their living room decor while maintaining the quality too.

Living Room Fixtures To Cover The Areas

Living Room Furniture For Large Space

When we talk about larger space then it automatically comes purchasing this or that, wherein if a house has a bigger living area, then they can purchase the furniture which is big enough and requires good space. Likewise, the L-shape sofa can automatically fit the area, with corners table aside, which by looks gives a touch of a vow to it.

Living Room Furniture For Small Space

If the area is not so spacious, still you can fit the best furniture in your living room area. You can place the small-size dining tables or the extendable ones which don't require much space, or the TV Cabinets which are small, or get it customized according to your area at Silverlake Premium, as you know we deal with the best living room online market

Call us Now, and Get The Best One-of-a-Kind Living Room Furniture

At Silverlake Premium you will find the best craftsmen who are ready to manufacture the piece of furniture according to the client's perspective. We deal with every type of furniture one requires and also the best part is we maintain the pricing range so well that it is easily afforded by the buyers. The assurance of the quality is our peak and we believe in providing the best quality to our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions - Living Room Furniture

What kind of fixtures are available for drawing room furniture?

At Silverlake Premium you'll find the best style of furniture in the form of corner or coffee tables, sofa sets, dining tables, and chairs with the best quality and size.

Is it possible to customize your living room online?

Yes, with us it is 100% possible to get your living room furniture customized the way you want.

How can I pick the right piece of furniture for my interior?

One has to see what are their requirements firstly and based on that the focal point is to be the market, then the furniture has to be purchased according to its need and area.

How do I plan my living room furniture design?

One can design their living area according to their choice. You can choose the traditional concept, the modern touch, or the newly contemporary designs.

Can I get a space-oriented fixture for my living room furnishing?

Yes, we deal in all types of home decor that are space-saving, and also available for larger areas and the smaller ones too.

How can I make my living area attractive?

By implementing the newly designed furniture according to your interior and available space, one can make their living area look attractive. At, Silverlake Premium you'll get the right piece of furniture.