Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Black Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Premium TV Cabinet Marbled

₹53,100.00  63,720.00
Booking Available

Buy TV Stand Furniture Online At The Best Price

The TV unit for the hall plays out the major outlook of one's home design. This is the main focal area where everyone is situated and enjoys their me-time session with their family members, friends, or say for sole satisfaction too. This area is the center point of the house which is placed in the living section where everyone spends quality time and some even like to enjoy their meal. To get it online one has to standardize their way of living and develop premium furniture designs which helps to grab the attention of the welcomed guests along with the households who like to spend out time in that area. Buying TV units online is a good idea as one can deal with different varieties of options and explore trendy and newly designed TV unit designs.
Hence, one can even opt for a corner table or other design fixtures that can go along the TV unit and reveal sophistication. Along with the living room design, one can also look for TV units for the bedroom or the dining room area.

Factors To Keep in Mind Before Buying TV Unit Designs

The TV units are a major piece of furniture which thereby every household should have in their house that too with a sophisticated design. There are certain points which should be kept in mind while purchasing the TV stand furniture.
  • The TV cupboard size plays an important role at the time of purchasing the furniture item as it affects the entire area. It is highly advisable to first check out the area where the furniture item is to be placed and later then the purchase must be made out.
  • TV unit designs play out the major concept; because the more standard design it holds it will be highlighted by the people and will eventually be liked more by the viewers. The design of the furniture thereby increases the value of the holder too.
  • When purchasing TV furniture items, it is important to look for the materials specially. The users are advised to opt for a premium quality material whenever they seek to purchase furniture items as it seeks to durability and longevity of the product.
  • One can also opt out of the storage box TV units, as it helps to store some essentials in it, and one can highlight different showpieces which help to grab the viewer's attention directly on our TV cabinet too.

Explore The Different Types of TV Table Materials at Silverlake Premium

Let's talk about the different types of material that we can use to design our modular TV units and how well can we articulate it in our surroundings. The following will help you see how one can choose the best type of material to design their furniture pieces.

Solid Wood TV Table

The solid wooden TV units are manufactured out of the best woods which are used on a long-term basis and have positive comments from the users. This type of hard rock wood carries out a different finishing which thereby helps the craftsmen to design the new concept of furniture. Here, at Silverlake Premium you will get to see that we adhere to the best of the best woods like teak, Sheesham, mahogany, oak, etc; these types of woods are mainly used to manufacture furniture items. This can also be designed with the help of a TV unit with drawers or shelves option too.


The modern touch has even layered down the different types of glasses along with the wooden TV cabinets as it deals with more elegance and sophistication. The realm of the furniture is based on how you prevail it out. The glass top on the other hand is another name of superiority as it has its way of beauty.

Marble Top

Marble top generally prevails out in two shades white and black. Nowadays, with the solid wood concept people started joining out the marble layered tops on it which thereby helps to beautify the decor and can design it in different areas in the bedroom sphere. All this is a sort of modern TV stand.

Engineer Wood TV Furniture

The furniture for living room is also structured out with the help of engineered wood, which hereby is designed with the help of binding down the woods and then structuring out the ob. jects. One can design the side table decor with the help of these woods easily.

Evaluate The Different Criteria of TV Unit Design at Silverlake Premium

One can choose out the different criteria of TV unit design with us because we have all that you want with the best materials, craftsmen, delivery, etc everything. Making a deal with Silverlake Premium is never a dull moment but an exciting one for sure. The following will further help you out in grabbing the TV stand furniture.

TV Panel Layout

Panel designs are a perfect layout for a minimalist and free space area as they help one to design it in their way that to in front of their sofa set area, as the main attraction drives out to that particular area.

TV Cabinet Layout

The TV cabinet design online is always a top leading option when it comes to choosing furniture as it provides two options to the user. One can use the piece for the TV object along can use up its storage area, it thereby works as two functionalities of work.

TV Stand Layout

To deal with the TV stand online design prevails in numerous options. One can also design it with different forms of printed options and can place glass or marble tops on it for more sophistication.

TV Table Layout

The TV tables are mainly opted for the small space areas where the households are unable to draft out the bigger panels or cabinets. These table forms are designed in such a cute form that they can easily fit the area that too by enhancing the interior. The furniture shop near me has all kinds of table layouts.

LED Panel Layout

LED lights are the most opted form of design one implements in their house; it adds a touch of luxury and elegance when placed with the furniture items because the effect of the light doubles up the value of the furniture. One can also adjust it with the other forms of furniture like with the TV unit for the hall.

Shop For The Different TV Unit Designs Online Segment

  • Modern TV Stand Design: To instigate the modern touch of the furniture one needs to dig in the fine lines and different edge cuts to opt for the modernisation. The world is changing rapidly so are the people and this is the main reason why they deal with modern satisfying design pieces in their homes.
  • Traditional TV Stand Design: The traditional pieces of this kind of furniture are designed with the simplest concept. Basically, during the old times, people sought simple design furniture made up of wood in a simple outlet. The main focus was placed on the concept of solid wood which showcases its elegance.
  • Contemporary TV Stand Design: The contemporary concept holds up the new designs along with the touch of the modern and traditional. It is identified as a versatile piece of furniture.
  • Simple TV Stand Design: Purchasing TV units online that too with the simplest form of design is the best choice for those who don't log for many tantrums. This form of design is structured out with simplicity thereby holding out storage options in it in the form of drawers or shelves. The TV cabinet with storage options is the most preferred by us.

Evaluate The Area to Place The TV Units in Your Home

TV Unit For Hall

As you know the hall area is the main area of one's home and wish to design it to the best one can with enduring the best sort of interiors and other items to make it living and happy. So, designing your TV cabinet for the hall should also look aesthetic and amazing. Explore the area and mark out the right place to place your object.

TV Unit For Bedroom

The bedroom TV unit must be comforting and should lead sophisticated sort of living. It must be placed out in front of the bed area where one can easily relax and enjoy their quality time. Also. can place different tops on it for much clearance and luxury.

TV Unit For Living Room

Your living room should desire the best TV panel designs as it prevails out the area where mainly the family members or any visitors get to sit and spend time. So, one must design it to the best they can by opting out the TV unit with drawer options to free out the outer surface of living.

Choose The Best-Designed TV Unit From Silverlake Premium

Purchasing your furniture items from Silverlake Premium is always a top leading choice as we handle the pieces in a very refined manner. The craftsmen of our company are top-tier and delve into the best practices and manufacture the fixtures in such a way that it grabs up the attraction of the viewers efficiently.
We deal with all the types of furniture items that one needs in their house also with such affection that it can thereby be used at the office areas. Here, the items are demonstrated with the best form of materials be it wood, metal, fabrics, textures, etc; we carry out everything at its best. One can also get their pieces done according to themselves as our designers go for the customization option and outcomes out according to the buyer's instruction. The furniture store of the Silverlake Premium has all the equipment under them that to prevail out the minimal pricing range which can be easily afforded by the people.
The interested dealer can also look up our website and search for the related items which goes hand in hand with the other furniture items. By making a purchase online you can avail the delivery option. However, we take full responsibility and charge of our material and manufacturers so that the customers don't have to face any problems later on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which sort of material is best for TV furniture?

Mainly, the wood materials are a prior option to deal with the TV cabinets and eventually the oak, sheesham, and solid wood are mainly what we deal with.

From where to purchase the TV unit designs online?

Silverlake Premium is the best platform to purchase your furniture items from. As it deals with all the best types of options and materials in it.

How can you articulate the height of a TV unit?

The height of the TV unit depends upon the one who is opting it out as it varies depending upon the area where it is about to be placed. Generally, it stands approx. 50-60 cm.

How can you look for the weight capacity of a TV unit?

There prevail different types of weight of a TV unit as it depends upon the size of the TV which the user is about to opt for.

Can the units accommodate the different sizes of TVs?

Yes, the panels or stands can accommodate different types of TV sizes it like 32-inch, 40-inch, 55-inch, etc. Dependable on the purchaser.

How to pick the right form of TV unit for your home?

To ensure the right form one needs to look for the size, material, design, versatility, etc types of areas to choose the best.